I have absolutely no idea what the hell they’re saying, but oh maah gaaaahhddddddd!!! So many feeeeeeliingssss. 

Also, :27 the fuck man? Is that Sakura’s “dad" on the damn Hokage Mountain? Cause I’m pretty damn sure that isn’t Minato or Tsunade. The fuck is going on here? I mean, Sakura’s parents has never been mentioned in the anime/manga before and then all of a sudden her dad is the fucking Hokage? What. The. Fuck. 

But whatever, as long as Minato and Kushina are alive I’m happy with the movie :) But I do have to admit though, this movie seems more like a fanservice kind of thing :P Regardless, I’m still really excited for this movie :D 

2 years ago on 06/29/12 at 08:06pm