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I love him so much :)

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1 year ago on 02/19/13 at 01:58pm

They’re a cute family :) 

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Ciwan and his corniness. 

2 years ago on 09/22/12 at 12:40am

My biggest fear in life is being one of those people who has a job but no career. 

2 years ago on 09/16/12 at 08:41pm


I get a little giddy when he refers to me as his lady. 

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2 years ago on 08/15/12 at 01:22am


Sometimes I wonder what my life would be without you.

The only answer I can come up with? It. Would. Suck. 

2 years ago on 08/08/12 at 11:27pm

I was going through some stuff and I found this. Oh Ciwan, he’s such a romantic. 

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2 years ago on 08/07/12 at 10:25pm

Note To Self:

Appreciate the little things Ciwan does for me, and make sure you do the same for him whenever possible.

I love it when Ciwan wakes up early just so he can talk to me before I go to sleep. 

2 years ago on 07/23/12 at 12:06am
  • sasuke : what is a clan..
  • sasuke : what is a village...
  • sasuke : what am i...
  • sasuke : *slowly*
  • sasuke : *reaching*
  • sasuke : *self actualization*
  • suigetsu : SUP NIGGA
  • suigetsu : FOUND YOU LOL
  • sasuke :

Sometimes when people are talking to me I just pretend they don’t exist, and just continue on with whatever it is I’m doing. I know it’s rather rude, but sometimes I just don’t like dealing with people. It takes up too much energy, and I find it rather troublesome. 

This is probably why I don’t have friends, but I don’t really like people anyways. Besides, I have fictional friends and Ciwan. Can’t forget about Ciwan ♥

2 years ago on 06/28/12 at 11:48pm