This is amazing, you should try it. 

I’m pretty sure this has a proper name, but for now I’ll call it the “poor people pasta” 

Serving: 1 


1 large tomato - seeded (as in take out the seeds) and diced 

2 cloves of garlic - crushed 

1 cup of pasta 

olive oil 

salt and pepper, and also basil 


1. Cook pasta according to package 

2. In a pan heat up olive oil, saute the garlic. And when you start to smell the beautiful smell of cooked garlic add in the tomatoes. Stir. 

3. Add in the cooked pasta (drain it first). Stir. Add some basil (dried or fresh) and also salt and pepper to taste. Give it one last stir, and tada you’re done. 

Note: Add as many tomatoes you want, the more the merrier. I only had one tomato in the fridge tho :( I love tomatoes. 

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